WFM vibration mill (vertical structure)

The main purpose:
This machine can crush fibrous, tough, high hardness or materials with a certain water content. It is suitable for the crushing requirements of traditional Chinese medicine cell wall breaking to improve the bioavailability of drugs and the materials that cannot meet the required fineness by conventional methods. .


1. Ultrafine crushing of non-metallic minerals; cell wall breaking processing of plants and traditional Chinese medicines; metal oxides, chemicals, building materials and other industries.
2. Ultrafine crushing of minerals: kaolin, graphite, calcite, feldspar, quartz, barite, tremolite, talc, tourmaline, etc.

3. Cell wall breaking processing of plants and traditional Chinese medicine: Dehydrated vegetables, fruits, and Chinese herbal medicine cells are broken and crushed to produce functional micropowder.

4. Building materials: concrete admixture, superfine cement, colored cement, fly ash cement, ceramic materials, etc.

5. Oxides, electromagnetic materials: silicon oxide, aluminum oxide, zinc oxide, nickel oxide, titanium oxide, antimony oxide, iron oxide, rare earth, ferrite, etc.

6. Others: superfine grinding of pearl powder, metal powder, coal powder, coal water slurry, activated carbon, carbon fiber, light storage material, battery material, pigment, coating and other materials.

Working principle: This machine is a vertical vibrating mill. The material enters the crushing chamber from the hopper, and the grinding rod in the crushing chamber collides with the material and grinds to obtain crushing. The machine is equipped with a water cooling device, which can control the temperature in the crushing chamber , The whole machine is designed according to the “GMP” standard, and the equipment works in a fully sealed state without dust flying and environmental pollution.
1. This machine applies optimized vibration parameters to make the medium vibrate and impact, and rotate and revolve at the same time, so that the material can receive positive impact and be subjected to high-strength shear load at the same time, so as to carry out high-speed and high-energy crushing. This machine has energy saving and no pollution And the characteristics of controllable crushing temperature, and can realize the precise mixing, compounding and coating operations of two or more materials.

2. The fineness of the produced powder is high: the average particle size for ultrafine grinding of minerals can reach submicron and nanometer levels, and the average particle size for crushing of plant cells can reach a few microns or less.

3. Low energy consumption: it is the most efficient micro-powder equipment at present, with a large output/energy consumption ratio. It can be designed and manufactured from 10 liters to 100 liters, any type of single cylinder, double cylinder, and three cylinders, and the output can range from several kilograms to several tons per hour. It can be produced continuously or in batches, and can be produced dry or wet. legal production.
4. Air spring support and support stiffness can be adjusted as required. The barrel has high stability, the grinding track is almost circular, the energy conversion rate is high, and the noise is low.
5. According to the requirements of the grinding materials, the grinding cylinders, liners and grinding media of different materials can be configured to ensure no pollution to the materials.
6. Frequency conversion and amplitude modulation devices and cooling or heating systems can be prepared according to material requirements.
1. Compact structure and small footprint;

2. Low energy consumption per unit output and high output;

3. Concentrated grinding particle size;

4. The process is simplified and the operation is convenient;

5. It is easy to replace the liner and grinding medium.




WFM-5 WFM-10 WFM-30 WFM-50 WFM-100 WFM-200 WFM-300 WFM-500

Cylinder capacity

5 10 30 50 100 200 300 500

expected granularity

5 5 5 5 10 10 10 10

expected granularity





1~2 1~5 5~20 10~50 20~150 50~300 100~500 150~800

Installed power

0.75 1.1 1.5 2.2 3.7 7.5 11 15

Note: The output is closely related to the particle size, specific gravity, hardness, toughness, moisture and other indicators of raw materials, the above is only for selection reference.


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