Wet granulation machine

The powder material and binder are thoroughly mixed into a moist soft material in a cylindrical container by a bottom mixing paddle, and then cut into uniform wet particles by a side mounted high-speed crushing paddle.


1. This machine adopts a bedroom cylindrical structure, with a reasonable structure.
2. Inflatable sealed drive shaft, which can be switched to water during cleaning.
3. Fluidized granulation, with nearly spherical shape and good flowability.
4. Compared to traditional processes, it reduces adhesive by 25% and shortens drying time.
5. Each batch is mixed for 2 minutes and granulated for 1-4 minutes, which improves the efficiency by 4-5 times compared to traditional processes.
6. Completed in the same closed container, dry mixing wet mixing granulation, process reduction, in accordance with GMP specifications.
7. The entire operation has strict safety protection measures.
8. Both mixing and cutting adopt variable frequency speed regulation, making granulation more uniform.

model volume Yield mixing speed hybrid power cutting speed cutting power
GHL-50 50L 15kg/batch 200/400rpm 5.5kw 1500/3000rpm 2.2kw
GHL-150 150L 50kg/batch 180/270rpm 15kw 1500/3000rpm 5.5kw
GHL-200 200L 80kg/batch 180/270rpm 15kw 1500/3000rpm 5.5kw
GHL-250 250L 100kg/batch 180/270rpm 15kw 1500/3000rpm 5.5kw
GHL-300 300L 130kg/batch 140/220rpm 18.5kw 1500/3000rpm 7.5kw
GHL-400 400L 200kg/batch 106/155rpm 22kw 1500/3000rpm 7.5kw


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