VI forced mixer

Main purpose:
Our company has introduced and absorbed new foreign technologies and developed the V1 type forced mixing machine. Suitable for material mixing in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.
Product features:
This machine can mix fine powder particles, agglomerated or two or more types of powder, and materials containing a certain amount of water. Additives that combine trace amounts can also achieve a mixing effect (referring to the mixing of ingredients with very small amounts).


technical parameter
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Model Cylinder volume maximum loading volume maximum loading weight  mixing time motor power cylinder speed  mixing speed external dimensions (long × wide × High) Weigh
CH-300VI 300L 120L 120kg 0-99min 1.1*2.2kw 12r/min 500r/min 2100*650*1850mm 450kg
CH-500VI 500L 200L 200kg 0-99min 3*2.2kw 12r/min 500r/min 2700*800*2050mm 480kg
CH-1000VI 1000L 400L 400kg 0-99min 5.5*2.2kw 10r/min 500r/min 3000*1050*2450mm 950kg
CH-1500VI 1500L 600L 600kg 0-99min 7.5*3kw 10r/min 500r/min 3600*1100*3100mm 1020kg
CH-2000VI 2000L 850L 850kg 0-99min 7.5*4kw 10r/min 350r/min 4215*1280*3100mm 2000kg
CH-2500VI 2500L 1200L 1200kg 0-99min 11*4kw 8r/min 350r/min 4260*1280*3200mm 2040kg
CH-3000VI 3000L 1500L 1500kg 0-99min 11*5.5kw 8r/min 350r/min 4400*1300*3300mm 2500kg
CH-4000VI 4000L 1800L 1800kg 0-99min 15*5.5kw 6r/min 300r/min 4800*1080*4200mm 3000kg
CH-5000VI 5000L 2200L 2200kg 0-99min 15*7.5kw 5r/min 300r/min 5656*1300*4380mm 3500kg
CH-6000VI 6000L 2500L 2500kg 0-99min 18.5*7.5kw 5r/min 300r/min 5650*1300*4380mm 3800kg


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