Ultrafine powder mixer

Main purpose:
The ultrafine pulverizer is composed of three parts: the main machine, auxiliary machine, and electric control box. It has various performances such as air separation, no screen, no mesh, and uniform particle size, and the production process is continuous. Widely used for material crushing in industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food.
working principle:
The material enters the crushing chamber through a spiral conveyor from the hopper, and the crushed material is cut by high-speed blades to obtain crushing. The material is transported into a cyclone separator through negative pressure air transportation, and the pulse dust collector and discharged material meet the product requirements.

Specifications WFJ-8 WFJ-15 WFJ-20 WFJ-30 WFJ-60 WFJ-80 WFJ-100
Production capacity (kg/h) 15-80 60-150 150-300 300-400 600-800 700-1000 800-1300
Feed particle size(mm) <10 <10 <12 <15 <20 <20 <20
Discharge particle size (mesh) 80-500(adjustable)
Total power(Kw) 10.97 13.5 17.5 40 84.15 102 139
Main speed(r/min) ~8000 ~6000 ~4800 ~3800 ~2800 ~2800 ~2800
Dimensions (length × width × height)mm 4200x1000x2600 4200x1200x2700 4700x1250x2900 6640x1300x3960 7500x2300x4530 8200x2500x4600 9200x2600x5000
weight(kg) 650 950 1300 1500 3200 3800 4200


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