Swinging granulator

Used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries to make moist powder into particles, as well as to crush blocky dry materials, and can be quickly granulated.


By mechanical transmission, the drum swings back and forth to extrude materials from the sieve, making them into particles or crushing them for granulation or rapid granulation.

model production capacity Granulation diameter Motor Power Drum speed Drum diameter Dimensions (length × width × height) weight
YK-70 5-30kg/h 0.8-5mm 0.37kw 48r/min Ø60mm 530*450*580mm 70kg
YK-160 200-300kg/h 0.8-5mm 3kw 55r/min Ø160mm 1000*800*1300mm 380kg
YK-250 200-500kg/h 0.8-5mm 5.5kw 38r/min Ø250mm 1050*890*1320mm 550kg


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