Spiral belt mixer

Main purpose:
Spiral belt mixer is a high-precision mixing equipment widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and other industries for high uniformity mixing of various powder or paste materials.



Model Cylinder Volume Loading Volume Mixing Time  Mixing Motor Equipment Weight
WLDH-100 100L 30-60L 0-99min 1.5-4kw 320kg
WLDH-300 300L 100-180L 0-99min 3-5.5kw 510kg
WLDH-500 500L 200-300L 0-99min 4-11kw 920kg
WLDH-1000 1000L 400-600L 0-99min 7.5-15kw 1450kg
WLDH-1500 1500L 600-900L 0-99min 11-18.5kw 1950kg
WLDH-2000 2000L 800-1200L 0-99min 18.5-30kw 3160kg
WLDH-3000 3000L 1200-1800L 0-99min 18.5-30kw 3300kg
WLDH-4000 4000L 1600-2400L 0-99min 22-37kw 3620kg
WLDH-6000 6000L 2400-3600L 0-99min 37-55kw 5400kg
WLDH-8000 8000L 3200-4800L 0-99min 37-55kw 6880kg
WLDH-10000 10000L 4000-6000L 0-99min 45-75kw 7900kg


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