Spicy material high-speed grinder

This pulverizer is designed and developed using the principle of mixed powder spraying, and is suitable for industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, and chemical engineering, with a wide range of applications. This machine has a simple structure and is easy to install, disassemble, and clean in the crushing chamber. All parts in contact with materials in the crushing chamber are made of stainless steel material, which is acid and corrosion resistant, making the crushed materials more in line with hygiene requirements. This machine has the advantages of convenient movement, stable operation, low noise, good crushing effect, and low power consumption. This machine has a specially designed exhaust device, which increases the air volume to achieve better crushing effect for materials with low oil content. This machine is particularly suitable for crushing spices and fiber materials (such as chili peppers, Chinese prickly ash, cumin, cardamom, turmeric, etc.)


working principle:
This crusher is purely a high-speed running machine, which uses a fast cutting edge on one side and a four strike blade on the other side to cut and crush the crushed material through high-speed rotating blades. The machine can also select blades of different shapes and sizes according to different materials. The particle size is obtained by replacing the sieve.



Specifications XXLF-30 XXLF-40 XXLF-60
Production capacity(kg/h) 30-300 100-600 300-1500
Feed size(mm) ≤100 ≤100 ≤100
Discharge granularity((mm) 60-120 60-120 60-120
main speed(r/min) 4000 3600 2500
Motor Power((kw) 11 15 22
Fan power(kw) 7.5 11 15
Dimensions(mm) 3000x1200x2500 3500x1200x2700 4200x1200x3000
weight(kg) 500 700 900


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