Slot mixer

Main purpose:
This machine is an all stainless steel double slurry tank mixer, used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries to mix powdered or pasty materials, especially high viscosity and high uniformity materials.


working principle:
This machine uses mechanical transmission to rotate the S-type stirring slurry, pushing the materials to flip back and forth, and evenly mixing. During operation, electrical control is used, and the mixing time can be set. At that time, the machine will automatically stop and the motor will pour the material, thereby improving the mixing quality of each batch of materials and achieving high uniformity of mixing.


technical parameter

Motor pouring
Motor drive shaft
Speed driven shaft
Overall dimensions of rotational speed (length × wide × High) Weight


Model cylinder Maximum capacity Maximum material capacity Material weight mixing time mixing mixing time to stir
drive shaft
Rotating speed
passive shaft
Rotating speed
Dimensions (length × width × height) Weight
WSH-100 100L 70L 70kg 0-99min 4kw 0.75kw 15r/min 21r/min 1750*560*1100mm 800kg
WSH-200 200L 140L 140kg 0-99min 5.5kw 1.1kw 12r/min 18r/min 2060*660*1250mm 1000kg
WSH-400 400L 280L 280kg 0-99min 7.5kw 1.5kw 12r/min 18r/min 2320*760*1500mm 1200kg
WSH-500 500L 350L 350kg 0-99min 11kw 2.2kw 12r/min 18r/min 2500*760*1500mm 1300kg
WSH-600 600L 420L 420kg 0-99min 15kw 2.2kw 12r/min 18r/min 2620*780*1620mm 1600kg


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