Rotary granulator

This machine is the ideal machine for the pharmaceutical, food, granule, chemical and solid beverage industries. It can make the mixed materials into the required particles, especially for the materials with high viscosity. This machine has high particle forming rate, beautiful particles, automatic discharging, and avoids particle damage caused by manual discharging. It is suitable for flow operation. This machine is particularly suitable for use in chicken sperm factories.


After adding wetting agents or adhesives to the powder to make soft materials, it is forced to extrude through a certain aperture sieve or orifice plate for granulation. The structure of the rotating blade inside helps to increase the strength of the extruded material. Most of the extruded material is in a linear shape, and it needs to be shot blasted to obtain rounder particles.

model production capacity Granulation diameter Motor Power Dimensions (length × width × height) weight Grinding knife size
ZL-250 100-200kg/h 1.0-3mm 3kw 700*540*1400mm 350kg 250mm
ZL-300 150-350kg/h 1.0-3mm 4kw 800*650*1400mm 400kg 300mm


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