Oscillating screen

The ZS series layered sieve is suitable for industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food. It is an ideal equipment for continuous discharge of powder and coarse to small particle ratios.

This machine is composed of a hopper, an oscillation chamber, a coupling, and a motor. The oscillation chamber is composed of eccentric wheels, rubber software, main shafts, bearings, etc. The adjustable eccentric weight hammer is driven by a motor and transmitted to the centerline of the main shaft. In an unbalanced state, centrifugal force is generated, causing the material to forcibly change and form a track vortex inside the screen. The amplitude of the weight hammer adjuster can be adjusted according to different materials and screens. The entire machine has a compact structure, small size, no dust, low noise, high output, low energy consumption, and is easy to move and maintain.

model production capacity Sieve mesh Motor Power Spindle speed Dimensions (length × width × height) weight
ZS350 60-500kg/h 2-200mesh 0.55kw 1390r/min 560*560*1050mm 100kg
ZS515 100-1300kg/h 2-200mesh 0.75kw 1400r/min 710*710*1280mm 180kg
ZS650 200-2500kg/h 2-200mesh 1.5kw 1410r/min 900*900*1350mm 250kg


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