Dry powder granulator

Dry granulator is a new equipment that directly produces flour particles from powder. The machine has a novel and reasonable structure, with stable and reliable performance
Easy cleaning and maintenance. The granules made by the dry granulation mechanism can be compressed into tablets, used as granules, and filled with capsules. This machine is mainly used for pharmaceuticals
foodGranulation in chemical and other industries. Especially suitable for granulation of materials that cannot be solved by wet methods.


The powder material is quantitatively and evenly added to the main material hopper of the rolling mill to maintain a constant material level. Then, the powder is pre compressed by the longitudinal conical spiral in the main material hopper of the rolling mill and transported to the arc-shaped groove of the two pressure rollers. The material bites into the groove and is instantly forced to compress. After being compressed and formed, the pressure borne by the material gradually decreases. Under the action of its elasticity and gravity, it falls off from the groove and enters the crushing and granulation system, Then, according to the user’s particle size requirements, the product is sieved and graded to obtain uniform granular products that meet quality requirements. The sieved powder is returned to the hopper for recycling. During the compaction process, the granular material is compacted between two opposite rotating rollers, and the compaction is carried out
Adhesives can be used


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