Cyclone dust removal crusher

Main purpose:
This machine is suitable for industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, magnetic materials, powders, etc. It is a new generation of crushing equipment that integrates crushing, dust suction, and continuous discharge.
working principle:
This machine is composed of several parts, including a pulverizer, cyclone separator, pulse dust removal box, and fan. This machine utilizes the relative motion between the movable and fixed toothed discs to crush the crushed material through tooth impact, friction, and mutual impact between the materials. The crushed material enters the cyclone separator for discharge through the gravitational force of the rotating centrifuge and fan, and then passes through the fan to enter the pulse dust removal box. It is then filtered and recycled, and the crushing fineness is adjusted using a sieve. The entire machine is designed according to GMP standards, all made of stainless steel material, and there is no dust flying during the production process.



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