Conical mixer

Main purpose:
The conical mixer has high-precision mixing equipment and is widely used for mixing various powder or paste materials in industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and feed.


Product features:
This machine is a combination of a single screw and S-type blades, with a large mixing range and fast mixing speed. It is more suitable to mix materials with no dead corners, significant differences in weight and mixing ratio.

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Model cylinder Maximum capacity Maximum material capacity Material weight  mixing time material particle size motor power overall dimensions (long × wide × High) Weight
DLH100 100L 60L 60kg 0-99min 20-350mesh 2.2kw ¢700*1400mm 300kg
DHL200 200L 120L 120kg 0-99min 20-350mesh 3kw ¢890*1930mm 600kg
DHL300 300L 180L 180kg 0-99min 20-350mesh 3kw ¢1010*1850mm 600kg
DHL500 500L 300L 300kg 0-99min 20-350mesh 4kw ¢1180*2290mm 800kg
DHL1000 1000L 600L 600kg 0-99min 20-350mesh 5.5kw ¢1500*2700mm 1200kg
DHL2000 2000L 1200L 1200kg 0-99min 20-350mesh 11kw ¢1900*3500mm 1800kg
DHL3000 3000L 1800L 1800kg 0-99min 20-350mesh 15kw ¢2120*4000mm 2200kg
DHL4000 4000L 2400L 2400kg 0-99min 20-350mesh 18.5kw ¢2200*4050mm 2600kg
DHL5000 5000L 3000L 3000kg 0-99min 20-350mesh 22kw ¢2530*4300mm 3000kg
DHL6000 6000L 3600L 3600kg 0-99min 20-350mesh 30kw ¢2850*4780mm 3500kg


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