Circular sieve

This machine is suitable for industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food. It is an ideal equipment for continuously sieving and discharging powders with varying proportions of coarse and small particles.

This machine is composed of a vertical vibration motor, screen bottom, mesh frame, screen powder chamber, rubber vibration bowl, and other fasteners as a whole. This machine can be used for single-layer or multi-layer grading, with compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance, stable operation, low noise, large material handling capacity, small fineness, and strong applicability.

model production capacity Sieve mesh vibration frequency Motor Power Dimensions (length × width × height) weight
ZS-400 40-500kg/h 2-200mesh 1500t/min 0.4kw 600*500*1100mm 200kg
ZS-600 200-1500kg/h 2-200mesh 1500t/min 0.4kw 800*700*1150mm 250kg
ZS-800 200-2500kg/h 2-200mesh 1500t/min 0.75kw 1100*950*1150mm 300kg
ZS-1000 500-3500kg/h 2-200mesh 1500t/min 1.1kw 1200*1100*1250mm 380kg
ZS-1200 800-5000kg/h 2-200mesh 1500t/min 1.5kw 1380*1300*1280mm 450kg


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